Léa Tissot Laura

All the things that you do

     All the things that you do is a video of the first group
performance we presented after first lockdown.
It was an IRL show streamed online. Since no public
was allowed, a camera device embedded in the performers
was set up as an immersive way to broadcast the performance
and propose a "live-archive". The performance starts with
a camera inside the vagina, broadcast on streaming.

     All the things that you do is a hybrid form, between performance,
video, stream and as such can be considered as a digital performance.
It was thought, written and performed in order to question
the new social distancing rules, that we found particularly difficult
for young people with non-normative sexualities. Its energy and cohesive
force stood against the isolation we’ve been through, far away
from each other during that first lock-down.

with: Ksenia Khmelnitskaya, Osi, Lise Herdam, Zoé Vincent,
Julien Kirrmann, Ines Assoual, Aru Andrea, Jules Rouxel
technical support: Nicolas Brunelle, Gab GDB