Léa Tissot Laura

Sexy Pigs,video, 2021, 18min30
directors : Léa Tissot-Laura et Anna Sougy
music : jeune GDB
voice: Iman Aljoaki
3D animation : Anna Sougy
camera/photography : Léa Tissot-Laura et Anna Sougy

An omniscient narrator guides us through scenes and landscapes,
with captured images and 3D. We dive into questions mixing
surveillance, power games, dreams, memories of adolescence.
Sexy Pigs begins when the food reserves of a pigsty are exhausted.
The pigs are then starving. Thus begins this political tale.
Sexy Pigs is constructed as a succession of metaphors and
allegories. Polymorphous figures and transformations testify to the
moments of crisis that we are going through.
We then ask ourselves: How do we feed the pigs?

exhibition view, Where the Sun Sets and Where It Rises - Chapter 6 with the work of Øleg & Kaśka,
Jedna Dva Tři Gallery, Prague CZ, 2021 © Max Vajt

exhibition view, In the Cold Breeze of a New Earth- Curated by Medusa,
CLAPTRAP, Antwerp BE, 2022 © Tim Evers

screening of Sexy Pigs, XXVe Rencontres Internationales Traverse Vidéo
- Cinéma Le Cratère, Toulouse FR, 2022 © Traverse