Léa Tissot Laura

My mind is a material i can play with
mold like mud
chew like gum

video, 2022, 6min50
directors: Anna Sougy & Léa Tissot-Laura
3D animation: Anna Sougy

    The site-specific video of French artists based in Brussels,
Anna Sougy and Léa Tissot-Laura, is a continuation of their previous work
entitled Sexy Pigs (2021). The connecting element is the main character
- an avatar, who embodies the fiction life identity.
Together with her, we set out on a journey into her past and explore
the possibilities of internet friendships and online communities.
My mind is a material I can play with mold like mud chew like gum is based,
among other things, on the theory of cyber feminism.
Performing in virtual space enables the formation of new personal identities,
which makes it more difficult to classify in the AFK gender binary system of the world. According to cyberfeminist, theorist and curator Legacy Russell,
the physical body is a weapon whose gender prevents us from becoming limitless, realizing its infinite possibilities and potential (Legacy Russell:Glitch Feminism, 2020). Anna Sougy and Léa Tissot-Laura thus follow this idea when they free themselves
from the body and, through the avatar, allow their own choice and definition
of themselves.

Text by Mariana Pech,
displayed at Karpuchina Gallery, Prague, 2022

exhibition view, installation view, late night TV display
- Karpuchina Gallery, Prague CZ, 2022 © Alexandra Karpuchina