Léa Tissot Laura

Feu au corps

mix & mastering: Garance Clamen
graphism: Jeanne Gilbert (Asul, CMU Serif)
support: Anne Laforet
directed by: Léa Tissot-Laura

Feu au corps is a series of seven podcasts divided into three cycles: Healers,
Botanical Walks and Self-care: Caresses and Palpations.
These are interviews, conversations, conducted with different speakers: healers, herbalists,
children, artists, performers, friends, members and facilitators of self-help groups.
The project began in early 2019. The different interviews were first done in villages
in Franche-Comté, and then extended to different cities: Strasbourg, Paris, Brussels
and Louvain-laneuve in Belgium.
The fact that I travelled to meet the speakers and their knowledge was essential to my approach.
The final audio form seems to me the most appropriate for this project,
which is part of a practice of oral transmission of knowledge.